TIME… the writer says….

Being a writer requires determination and a slow grind mentality because nothing about this is easy or fast. People are going to tell you that you are not good enough and that you wont make it and then you are going to ask your self the same questions. But that’s cool, ignore it all and let the readers tell you themselves that they don’t like your material. 100 people may not like your books but a million will. So who are you going to listen to;  the 100 or give your self a chance to hear the million? Yeah….my thoughts exactly; the million.



The eyes are the keys to the soul, so as you watch the pen flow, you release all that the heart knows. If that is not so, then you have closed yourself off from the vital essence that inspires writers to translate cognition into diction, and that i believe…defeats the whole purpose of the mission. Transfer the minds burdens to the pen and watch the pen cry from carrying that cross and the paper bleed from holding all your pain.