She wanted me to bless her

She wanted me to bless her


So I guess I am obligated to caress her every thought

With each verb and noun not to mention the audible sounds that the pen manifest

She asked me to bless her

She wanted my words to sound to her ears like the taste of honey to the lips

And off the tongue bounces my thoughts with a tingling sensation so u will never get it twisted that

She asked me to bless her

So what type of man would I be to ignore the simple request of a lady?

My heart beats love, I mean some call it blood but it’s simple to the god one

She asked me to bless her

As if her soul was sitting on a dresser asking the passer byers what’s the length of my time out

And then the pharcyde song resonated in the pituitary and the pineal vibrating…  “She keeps on passing me by”

So when she passed me by I stopped her if and only for the point that

She asked me to bless her

So I did

I told her she was a queen and asked her if she knew what that mean?







…….Take back your tears,

and face your fears

because a time will come when pain and hurt will not be so,

and not even these tears will you feel,

because everything will be numb,

you are the light of the sun

and shared by everyone.

What would happen to your world

if you no longer existed?



i am gravity

universally attracted to the sound of your hips as they sway

forcing air from the right and left as u move,

oxygen molecules mad that they cant cling to you,

i hate watching you go away because i cant cling to you,

but my eyes got you,

until out of sight they cling to you,

engraving every aspect of you into my memory,

turning my synapses into 4th of July celebrations every time your essence blesses them

the air cant cling to you,

my eyes cant cling to you

but in my memories you clung to me

unable to escape my gravity