The minds of the enslaved

The minds of the enslaved are sickening

Like watching decaying things walking…it’s sickening

Give them knowledge and they treat it like drinking acid

I have a truth plasma gun

A modified one that I took from Xbox and PlayStation

It’s so subtle how they tip toe around my words

But Don’t focus on the vocabulary in which wisdom ascends

Focus on the wisdom that ascends from the vocabulary

My mode of speech may vary but the knowledge and wisdom it carries is always the same

Call it by its name and it will say in any language, “I am…knowledge and wisdom


Focus on me, not the diction in which I choose to breathe

Focus on me, not the wording in which I choose to let truth and freedom ring

So blinded by false light, that you can’t see

Wouldn’t you like to see?

So congested by silly beliefs, that you can’t think

Wouldn’t you love to think?”

Knowledge and wisdom would go off on the sick and slave minded

A reality I am confronted with on the daily

A reality that I am hard pressed to hide from it

With knowledge and wisdom, I hope soon that this reality will collide with.



Betrayal is like the sun playing peek-a-boo with the solar system, depriving the earth of light and warmth, laying waste to all life freezing and barren like hatred. So calculated yet indiscriminate and indifferent in its disobedience to the cosmos

Betrayal is like the air playing hide and seek with the nostrils and lungs. Though three, they are one, a holy trinity of life and breath. What could one say if he had neither nostrils nor lungs? A proclamation of life he could never utter from lips. Of this truth I am sure, as I hold my breath I already feel the betrayal of my lungs and nature pushing and pulling me into universal accord…it tells me that life is god and betrayal is the devil.

Betrayal is like the lips of a lover who in your left ear caressing gently your ear with the words “I love you and to you shall I always be true”, and then those very same gentle and caressing lips send those same words to another’s ears while confessing love, lust and admiration. You believe these words, while they laugh at you in secret. Those same lips still smile in your presence, while the heart and eyes belonging to those lips confess a true longing, burning yearning imprisoned in their heart and eyes for another. They won’t tell you the truth only watch you suffer as laughter fills their thoughts of you.

Betrayal is like seeing the most beautiful woman or sunset you have ever seen and then losing your sight unable to see either of them again left with haunting memories of beauty fleeting to and through every thought. Just one more vision of them will cement them in your mind but over time, the vision fades leaving you with an imagination that is so dismayed. It was only a matter of time because in betrayal all will find their demise.