The ties that bind can sometimes be as strong as magnetic, chemical or atomic bonds. What would it take to transform carbon into platinum? Others have called it alchemy, but when we apply this same philosophy or recipe to life or relationships it all presents the same set of problems…how do I turn copper into gold?…a hoe into a house wife?[no pun intended] a hardened criminal into a community activist? The short answer would be attraction. Esoterically I applied this same logic to myself and realized why I don’t want to be with a woman that I cannot be my true self with or will have to dumb down my consciousness because she is unconscious.

Most women in my current state of consciousness do not hold my attraction they can only arouse me carnally, but not consciously. I find true attraction in women who are mentally awakened or open to the idea of becoming that. The journey or quest in aiding and assisting her mental revival lifts me off my feet as if being drawn to and compelled by pure scent coming into the nostrils, thereby ushering a mental and carnal attraction.

My lower self has little control over me or else I would have sex with any and every woman I could simply because of carnal desire. The desires of the flesh pale in comparison to the desires of the higher self-mind. I now know this is why I lose interest so easily or why I rarely bother with pursuit. I would much rather pursue enlightenment or her mind. The flesh would simply be a consolation prize, because the true attraction should ultimately be her mind. If the attraction does not first begin there…it is doomed for failure.



My hat

My jeans

Are all nice and crispy

We love thee external


Please focus

Not on the external

The minds of the hopeless


Only focus on the external

Sight beyond sight

Liono was the greatest

He made us focus with x-ray vision

We imagined seeing

Beyond sight

Beyond vision

We need focus

Please focus

See beyond bended spectrums of light

The reflected and absorbed spectrums of light

Eye sight is simple vision

The 3rd eye uses true vision

Peering and peeling away earthly shells

Until all that is left is the real vision

It displays no skin

No blood

And no bones

That is the intermission to the inner vision

To see the strength of the heart

The character of the mind

Is sight beyond sight

Aspects of a person that is visible

But not with the eyes


Please focus on your true self

See what you are truly meant to be

Knowledge helps

Understanding helps

Wisdom manifests true sight


We must focus on the inner beauty

Hidden in a world so focused on the outer illusion

It is nothing more than a tool


Please focus

Maybe then we will see its proper usage

The gods don’t believe in hocus pocus

We only focus the 3rd eye lens

Which fosters a mental cleanse

It resonates from within

Taking power to the skin

All the girls pause from the beauty they saw

And all men draw near to the greatness to revere


Please focus.