Eagerly, I explore the endless possibilities of my destiny with vigor

I pull the proverbial trigger on anything and anybody attempting to deny me my universal liberties of freedom justice and equality

I lay down the galactic hammer of justice…just—I—cee freedom in every fiber of my being

I sleep and dream freedom

I wake and breathe freedom

I defecate and eat freedom

If I bleed, freedom pours out my veins and capillaries for my ancestors buried near and far who lacked freedom in the mind, body and heart

Like a freedom army with freedom etched on every bullet and rocket screaming LET FREEDOM RING as they fire on slavery and oppression

So let this be a lesson to all those who want to profile and pose as free-minded thinkers, and freedom liberators pretending as if they want all to rebel and say “what the hell—my mental is not for sale—keep that oppression and anti-mental liberation”

I close the doors on you lie whores

Selling your minds for lies, like prostitutes sell their souls

You sell your children’s children for a lie to make you feel good and tingly while your mind and body is just as down trodden as a whores back and feet

Worn out because her mind she sold out, her body she sold out

The power of the mind you should hold out in the palm of your hand

Its divine essence is more potent than a trillion suns touching the surface of your skin

You could power a 1000 milky ways with a few galaxies to spare and without all the slavery, oppression, and despair

We need to let freedom ring like empting the magazine of an AK machine gun

We need to let freedom ring like the phone calling your boo thang until the voice mail pick up

That voice is your true self’s echo telling you  “HELLOO…WAKE UP….PICK UP…GET UP…HELLOOO…LETS GET TO THIS FREEDOM!!!” In its shortie low voice—HELLO

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

FAAther Time NeteruImage