I was born to revolt

Like the god of the bible said, “I smote thee”

Tryna hold my intellect captive

I smite my captives and release my synopsis’s

I see no other way to free the minds of those I find caught up in the matrix brainless, thoughtless, mindless

I’m like neo without the animation, the computer graphics

Hard to predict this

Hard to program my mental agents to follow bullshit

I use bullshit to fertilize my growth with a goliath on David sort of approach

I’m like a tree of knowledge…all the bullshit you feed me will only make me gain knowledge

I’ll grow real slow on it, becoming wise with the knowledge I’m understanding and when I bare seeds they will grow strong on the fruit of my knowledge…the fruit of my wisdom

So feed me all the bullshit you want and watch as my regrowth towers over every one of your skyscrapers and I will high five the cosmos

You can’t stunt my mental growth…I will revolt

No if ands buts or maybes…I will revolt and embody Nat turner and Denmark Vesey

Gabriel processor and Yanga, not to mention the determination of Harriet Tubman

All of which are fellow professional revolticians

You can say I get it honest

I mean one of them is bound to be my ancestor

Bound by the law of oneness

Same plight, same struggle…means many unite so what’s the difference?

Ancestors ignite descendants through genetic awareness

Genetic and mental preparedness

This is a war and I ain’t scared of shit!!

I revolt because I must

I do it out of shear disgust

Not because I think I’m tuff, but because my bones are made of denser stuff

My ancestors have carried to much…endured to much…suffered to much

And I simply have had enough…so sayeth my ancestors with my voice…

Hush…you have already said to much.



I want to be like a leaf on the wind

Untethered to the things that end

Not bound by the ties that bind

Liberated by the infinite mind

Not even the passage of time could stir the echoes of my mind with fears or cares about age or grey hairs

To come and go as you please is amongst the greatest of beautiful things

Through this thought and In that time an abundance of sublime and divine possibilities collide

Effortlessly going about the cosmos’s business like the pebble that fell from the mountain side that ultimately caused a rock slide

I have no desire to hide from who I am…where I am…because—here—I am

Oblivious to the laws that say I should fall

Because In truth…there are no laws , Only self-imposed walls

Though applicable all, I will be as free as a particle

Unrestrained by the confines of anything either self-imposed or otherwise known

Whether composed of Matter or anti-matter

Energy or in multiple dimensions, Not to mention thought

I am a leaf on the wind

Free to go about my journey Just as eternity intended me

FAAther Time Neteru   Wednesday, July 04, 2012