I put the ridge of my left hand to my forehead as I peer off into the vastness of the skys oceans

I tell the heavens pardon my interruption but my thoughts keep on bussing causing collisions, resulting in explosions

I never hesitate; I congratulate any notions resulting in knowledge spewing off the tongue like divers jumping off platforms entering into another’s cerebral cortex leaving ripples in your mental

I can play with verbs so superbly, its like breathing in letters and exhaling transcripts of all the  dictionaries in print past, present and future tense

I put my finger to my tongue you can check this

In my Malcolm x pose finger to my divine dome, I address this

my thoughts are very relevant

Don’t knock me if you can’t comprehend it

Don’t try to look down on it when you not even up on it

Governed by your lower-self I been transcended it

Your brain is fried lacking those melanin sheath components

I depose and say….. I AM THE UNIVERSE

the vibrations of those words echoes through the human-verse

But your thinking is small you can’t see past your front door let alone this planet

while my thoughts are heavy like  iridium in the rotation of billions of galaxies

Shout out to my free thinkers

Mind, body and thoughts free

Allergic to this mold that everyone seems to think they gotta be

I dared to be different

Dared not to act, walk and talk like you

Dared to say I am divine while surrounded by a sea of negative minds

You can drown in the sea of thoughts of others,

But I’m too light

the weight of your doubts can’t take me under

I shine bright and I’m not a reflection

I am the chicken and the egg

Existence at its finest

I’m different

I wear it like a crown

I’ll never put it down

Call me king or call me god call me divine,

matter of fact say it all at the same time

I ooze and sweat divinity,

Touch me and feel inspired

I’m my own higher power with thoughts for grenade launchers

Continuous big bang theories bouncing in my memories

All in a beautiful cipher like the smile of my beautiful daughter

I’m different…I dared to be so