Girl-on-fire( kisses sound good when you put it into perspective

But im in another direction

with a greater prime directive

My lips on your skin is like clouds made of silk….you imagine yourself there

Eyes closed and your soaring

And in that moment you know no one else’s touch can compare

Sensation traveling in every direction with ecstasy bombs attached and waiting to be triggered

And I am the trigger

The anticipation of my touch is enough to make the bombs explode

But that’s way too much pleasure for your body to hold

I just sit back and watch as you prepare to implode

I wait for it

Wait for it

Behind your eyelids, your eyes are calling me

The tiny hairs on your skin stand at attention ready to embrace me

Your body is screaming my name

With every breath, the air is saying my name

And then I say, ‘let me lighten your load give me some of your pleasure to hold Its intensity I will control’

With beats and drums created by the sum of our carnal desires

The room is set on fire

Our minds and bodies engulfed by the fires of desire

heating up the air

its hard to breathe

but I was built for this I do it with ease

The pleasure you give I can handle it and mine

I’ll give it back just in the nick of time

Then we can release our physical hold on each other

But as our eyes lock on each other

This sort of mental hold is forever

Transcending memory and time

Because in that moment we can say …you will forever be mine.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Written by FAAther Time Neteru