36147_139519172761613_1158800_nEach and every time I close my eyes my faith in humanity declines

It’s like only when I dream do the light in humans shine

But when I open these old eyes of mine am I reminded why I hate mankind

Savages and back stabbers

Lacking any mental capacity and frame of thought toward unity

Makes me wanna shoot each and every one of them lacking the “I am” from their higher consciousness

Spewing all that heaven and hell shit,

something they have not witnessed,

no recollection of it or Know anybody to have come back from the dead to say, “Yeah this shit is the realest”

But they created this worlds hellishness based on it

Weak and detestable beings

Slaves feeding on the verbal defecation of non-beings  rotting from the inside out and not even trying to hide it

A plague upon plagues simply content with just spreading their sickness

I wish I was the penicillin to your illness

Intentional stray bullets will wipe you walking diseases off this beautiful planet

I swear I hate humans…

They remind me of hippo’s, pigs and elephants how they wallow in ignorance like mud

I hope they drown in it

Let the mud fill their lungs, like they fill the earth with their nothingness

They the worst kinds to ever breathe oxygen and people have the nerve to rely on this topic….

Wait for it…wait for it——RELIGION

the greatest abonination this earth can hold

The greatest lie ever told

The nastiest cake ever sold

In the worst bear trap it holds the globe

If I had my way, a magical pistol I would hold

Load it with 5 billion rounds

Visit each and every city, country, and town

Let brain matter scatter all over the fuckin ground

Because the brain matters, but most never use it so its like it don’t really matter

Id be saving the world from future blood splatter staining the ground by those who simply don’t matter.

only then will they understand the earth matters

only then will they become one with the world

even in death their flesh stain the earth

small pockets of death in place built for life

they the worst kinds…so id be cool with blowing their minds.

FAAther Time Neteru


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