my vision

third-eye-chakra-5i see openly

i see hoping to see deeply

i see

i be sight immeasurably

i see past tense

i see future tense

i see the present in which i exist in all three

i see all presents…past and future tense

i am sight

blood bone and mind alike

this plane and the next plane alike

my vision is not cloudy, blocked or hampered by the burdenof  bright lights

true vision is only a reality in the night

sight beyond sight occurs without light

light is a created thing that holds no foundation in the beginning

my vision was present when night was all that existed

i see everything

i see only reality in the many constructs it breathes

i watch as the veil of space heaves

my attention is attracted to such things

my mind swims in their meanings

and is the only way i can see the beginning