Lower nature and divine nature all at work all at the same time

dualityI’m cruising checking out the scene

Rolling in my whip with a gangsta lean

I peep her walking in tight jeans

The smile, the ass, the walk,

Everything mean

Had me thinking obscene things

Then logic and reason-NING…Began to Rule supreme

This woman,

maybe even a queen ain’t about to let u just buss open them jeans

Spread them thighs put that original cream of the planet earth in that pie without commit-TING

And while she might pride herself of her ability to keep on them or take off those jeans

I like wise pride myself of my divine genes so without children I can’t see commit-TING

my lower and divine nature all at work all at the same time

How else could a brotha with a divine mind see a beautifully shaped ass which he perceives to be sending subliminal’s like come touch me, caress me…for heaven’s sake I know u see me!!! and not ignore the ass and see if the mind matches and surpasses the beauty of the ass, because that kind of beauty and attraction to a beautifully minded woman has got to be awe inspiring  like a life time of continuous nonstop organisms and something I hope to find myself lost in before I begin transcend-DING

Is this the show that will always play in my mental every time I see a beautiful woman and my lower nature hopes and prays that she is a hoe with a hole in her soul that I can use to fill with a part of my being and at the same time hoping that emptiness I filled don’t get passed to my seed, I bear witness i want to fill the void in her soul and I want to fill that void in her lower physical structure it’s a thin line when it come to the wants of the physical and the mind… Lower nature and divine nature all at work all at the same time

The complexity of a divine being emanating divinity, sexuality, and savagery all in the realm of mentality and physicality. Thoughts manifesting actions, actions planting seeds in barren wastelands or fertile paradises.  Divinity, sexuality, and savagery all aiming for the same purpose but with different reason-NING to get there. God creates, gods are always creat-TING.