i see through you


the absurdity of all your plots and schemes

all designed to destroy peoples hopes and dreams

It must bring dread to all the real mothers and fathers who want nothing more then to protect their sons and daughters

From the time you wake up—get up—prepare breakfast, lunch and supper everything you have consumed this day will result in cancer

I’ma answer

I’m a parent….it makes me livid got dammit

Why you want all my bread…my money…but u want me dead as soon as you take it from me…

All these homo’s and GMO’s I wonder if there is any correlation to the drastic elevation of homosexual relations and these unnatural chemical imbalances brought on by additives and genetic modifications… I’m just saying I don’t know but excuse me if I offended you thought you might want to blame it on companies like Monsanto. Your life style is a part of the scheme to rid human beings from this earth so ask me whose feelings I care to hurt most.

I know we gods got the power to create but nothing created to sustain life is meant to be anti-life.

Everything created for life is supposed to be in accordance with life—accordance with the earth

So what is this shit they putting in the dirt and calling it food but it ain’t really from the earth

Taking it from its very essence all in the name of profit

Why does my corn got fish DNA?

And we ingest this mess every single day its gonna end up with humans having gills one day

They don’t even test this food to determine its long term detriment

When did the earth ever go about creating that way?


Under any other circumstance, this would be a lol moment, but ain’t nothing funny about these people chasing that money

How you making chemicals to wipe out animals invading your farm lands…but hold up I said that backwards fam…how you invading these animals home lands with your farms and then attempt to exterminate them and leave those same chemicals in the food for me her and him.

I know your global agenda is to get the human population to 500,000,000.  We exceeding 6 billion, which means you got cigarettes, alcohol, and wars… all three of which kill more people galore…, devilish plots under the guise of  relief aid that’s really a battle ground to inject people with chemical raid and leave whores infected with aids designed to extinguish the life of sperm and eggs…

You got fast food and junk food….both kill you fast, add junk to the body till it no longer resembles a body, just a jumbled collection of fats, sodium and calories… for the life of me I cannot understand why people can’t see….

You got abortions and birth control; black women by the way use this weapon the most…a pair of tools you use to control the births of less desirable by making them sterile and unable to reproduce even if they wanted to can anybody say dippo mass extermination via mass sterilization….

you got prisons and homosexuals. It don’t take a rocket scientist or supreme intellectuals  to peep the game you pull. If the men ain’t around women they cant make babies, and if men are into men, and  I meant that figuratively and literally…they cant make babies… programming these men into acting like ladies, all in they emotions calling other men baby…if you don’t stop it—wearing these dresses and skirts I mean, leggings and skinny jeans…the effemination of the male is real but not in the genes….how on earth did these devilish schemes trick female human beings into thinking they were better off without a man in they life? And these sisters barely even put up a fight…  Joining that feminist struggle for equal rights and it didn’t even apply to they life. There is no good men is a saying that seems to echo through out your life…but you kick it with homosexual men like everything is alright did it ever occur to you you could have been that mans wife???…well let me enlighten you, you apart of this problem too the same game plan they put down on us also applies to you too.

If women don’t respect the men or the role he plays in the family dynamic, then no children are being made because of that “I don’t need a man” rhetoric and if you don’t need a man, you still got desires, so you will use yourself to please yourself  or find the lips of a woman, because you don’t  need a man….but actually you need a man to find real sexual gratification or an object designed to carry out the nature of a man, I’m just saying, I read the Kama sutra…but in this u still a part of this elaborate plan….you got all these vibrators and toys whose sole purpose is to desensitize you from the true pleasures and joys of being with a man notice I didn’t use the word boy …what man can measure up to a battery powered motor or a toy connected with an electrical cord … no wonder you think you don’t need a man so you all confused bouncing back between toys, women and fools…all of which put in place and easily in your face to keep you from a man…everything is going according to plan

Dam do these people plan.

yo ass ain’t slick though I’m hip to you…you assassinate our every real leader…and yet still I’m still not afraid to speak the truth of you…you want us dead…Thee absurdity of all your plots and schemes for heaven sake how did you people get so mean!!!

But you know we smart too…some of us ain’t gonna let you do everything you plan to do. We got plans to and all of which is designed to uproot you…

Uproot you from the minds of all you plan to do all these devilish things to.