ConformityConformity is the garb of lessor men…

Too afraid to stand out alone guided by the inner compass of divine hocus-pocus.

So they wear what the masses wear,

Walk how the masses walk,

Too afraid to be the weirdo and say I wear divinity and do so proudly…

I wear divinity on my feet and arm leg leg arm and head.

I wear it on my cells, iris and eye lids…I can’t be separated from this

Conformity is the tongue of lessor men…

Too afraid to speak their hearts truest fears and their minds bravest thoughts,

So they hide behind the crowd

Follow it

Never attempt to intercept it, leave it, surpass it, expand it, stuck and stagnant

Voice gone,

Voice to low,

Volume of voice and courage at level zero.

Too afraid to stand up and speak out for what’s right

Too afraid to let your words stand up and fight

Conformity is the thoughts of lessor men…

Too afraid to act and own their own thoughts, invent and create their own thoughts,

So they adopt the thoughts of others…

They ignore the crowds of “I am’s” whose voices can change the world because they let the power of their thoughts effect the world

They  chose the herds of “who are we’s?”…the endless endless herds of  “who are we’s?”

They have no voice,

Their thoughts are implanted and owned by others,

They are instruments of their own destruction,

Pawns and puppets to be used pushed and pulled around,

If they all fall not one will stand up,

Not one will pull the others up because falling is what the masses are enjoying,

Falling is what the masses are doing.

Not one will say this isn’t right,

Not one will have the courage to not follow, but rather stand, and fight.

Conformity is the behavior of lessor men…

It takes power to reflect and say I will never be a slave again,

Power to say I will never act like a slave again,

Power to stand out even though the herds create laws within its conformity trapping their thoughts, minds, and actions to be controlled by their enemy.

It takes power to say I AM,

Power to transmit your voice into the universe affecting the very fabric of the cosmos,

It takes power to look up into the sky and say I am—apart of you.

It takes power not to follow, power to think for one’s self.

Conformity is the sister state of mental death

Conformity is vision with no sight and darkness with no light

A map to a location but no way to see

Swimming to the bottom of the sea and no way to see

If everything has a balance, then conformity is the absence of balance

Conformity is an act that is so tragic

It is cause with no effect

Effect with no cause

Conformity is the equivalent of being eaten alive without wondering why without protesting that you are about to die just lying there watching as your flesh be consume no sense what so ever of impending doom

I swear I must leave the room

All these puppets make me wish the world would just go boom

Why can’t like-minded ones equate for a greater sum

Work towards a greater purpose that will benefit everyone

Why must robotic objects wearing skin bone and flesh surround us, conforming and following in a constant loop of their programing?

GODDAMMIT what’s it gonna take to shake these people

Awake my people so they can see that with the heaven and stars we are equals


Instead…the reality before me…herds and herds of people stuck in conformity

Written by FAAther time Neteru