I Pimp MY Pen

I Pimp MY Pen.


I Pimp MY Pen

1450894_623246901047203_959611808_norder your copy today, and read how I PIMP MY PEN… go to http://www.sonofthesunpublishing.com to order my new urban hip hop fiction book of short stories and read from the creative mind of Sandusky ohio’s very own published poet and local vendor, FAATHER TIME NETERU and Son of the Sun Publishing, presents my debut novel of short stories titled, I PIMP MY PEN.

I Pimp My Pen, invites its readers to journey through the lives of five characters within five short stories. Read as they battle through pain and redemption, and how each story deals with a facet of urban life that each character came to realize their lives need to change before the streets change it for them.

Journey with APRIL as she discovers reasons to live; DEZ who planned to leave the game as he learned other ways to hustle that wouldn’t get him killed or in prison; Andrew as he learned his past does not determine his future and abuse does not mean he has to stay abused; SMOKE as he learned his family was more important than his way of life; and SLICK who found out the hard way, you only got one life to live and nobody is going to live it for you.

This book of urban hip hop fiction, is sure to capture your imagination and open up your mind to the realities of urban life. I wrote these stories knowing that any reader could relate to any or all of them, and in that regard this book is for everyone.

I’m a writer…read my thoughts and my imagination, as I PIMP MY PEN…

Order your copy today at  www.sonofthesunpublishing.com and you can email me at timethewriter@yahoo.com