god of destruction

where does the time go

i go on a quest for the stars

my mind wonders and bumps into stars

my mind wonders and commit cosmic blunders

god of destruction

ripping negative galaxies asunder for encroaching on my positive frequencies

if i can say to a thing BE

then i wont be taken off my axis

all infractions must exit left into that super massive

i keep in my back pocket just for rainy days like this

filled with rain hail snow and earthquakes

days when i woke up for the sole purpose to slay shit

sword in hand and just as grand as my mental state is

god of destruction

you must understand my complete and utter function

ignorance is not in my prime directive

i slay that shit

the universe is vast

i dont have time for that shit

at the center of my universe my crown is high

my eye’s reach is everlasting

on either side of me i found that path that led to knowledge and ignorance

the magnetism of knowledge was too massive

in knowledge i found the true master was self personifying the god of destruction

on a war path

i did my duty purging all ignorance from me….



all rights reserved


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