i don’t like to dream

My cerebration it appears is in need of recalibration,

I stay reminiscing of days past

Days my eyes never saw the light of,

Days when my people vigorously perused freedom and sought for,

But the days I’m walking in ain’t the days I dreamed for…

Opened up my lungs and breathed for,

So I must be sleeping

This nightmare is not a dream I want to keep repeating,

These days can’t be the days my elders bled and sweat for,

We don’t want unity no more?



What for?

I hear a generation of snores

The sound is booming…thunderous…shaking the earth’s core

All in sync shifting the balance of polar caps and axis’s,

What on earth have we magnetically attracted…?

Or more like contracted

This sickness

What is it that has us held captive here?

Hold on im glitching

Certain thoughts keep on repeating…

We don’t want unity no more???



What for?

We love filling America’s prisons?

We love our communities being infiltrated and exploited by foreigners?

We love being pimped out of the nearly 2 trillion we spend annually?

Most of which not spent with anyone resembling you her or me?



I know im bugging,

Aint no way in the fuck this mess is anywhere near a reality…

Wake me up

I give permission to shock me electrically

I don’t like this dream

Wake me up!!!

We really created a sub culture where it’s cooler to have as many sexual partners as possible rather than having families?


Ask yourself why?

We really accepting feminizing men and masculizing women?


Ask yourself why?

We really accepting homosexuality as a normality?


Ask yourself why?

How are we going build communities if the men like men?

And the women like women,

And the men can’t bond with the women

And the women can’t bond with the men?

That means nobody is reproducing

And yet we stay dying

stay having abortions…15 million and counting

Us, the police is steady killing,

US, the police got filling prisons,

Young thugs have no compassion for people who look just like them,

I guess that was the meaning behind Hitler’s verbal sin,


He had a vision when he framed us as the great imitators of the west…

Now dam… I digress…

The Klan killed niggas

Young black males kill niggas

The Klan destroyed black communities

Young black males destroy communities

The Klan hated, raped and beat our women

Young black males hate, raped and beat our women

Fighting this racist system, and the Klan for freedom justice and equality took us from our women and children

Now young black males voluntarily disappear on our women and children…


Ask yourself y?

But again I digress,

I think I see a door opening and some light in the window of the 3rd eye…

I think im about to get out of this mess because this dream aint right

Aint no way in hell this is really life.

Written by FAAther Time Neteru



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