its only practice


When I knock on doors they don’t always involve hinges or locking mechanisms created from wood or metal

These doors often times reside on the fringes of science and temporal cognitive psychologies

Pardon me but sometimes my vocabulary escapes me verbally

But resurfaces cerebrally giving the appearance of an individual speaking fluently the English etymology.

So obviously, I digress, if and only to relive myself and others of the stress of surmising and comprehending the cute little rhyming sequential verbs and nouns in verses that im seemingly regurgitating

But im just practicing

See I wanna be a rapper one day

So this was a little way for me to establish word play Similar to western cowboys practicing gun play

The clock strikes 12 one bullets hits its mark the other flew off target

Probably hitting an innocent by standard Sipping a dirty mug full of warm beer at the saloon/tavern

Resulting in 2 coming to the realization there really is no hell or heaven

Im simply following a lyrical pattern

No aim, plan, goal or stratagem

Im Just exercising a gift while displaying a talent

Virtually multitasking

I often do so without asking, or being asked just depends on your point of perception

How u chose to view it

Either way I tend to say it, with little discretion I utilize my vernacular

But easily you will determine that I care little if It ofend him them or her

The force of veracity that expels from me has me feeling along the lines of Obi Wan Kenobi

Yes the force is strong with me

This was only practice…and now im ready to get this rapper money.

Now all I got to do is speak about bitches and hoes, selling drugs and killing folks

Of course these are the only things record execs want to hear from black folks

Change my cloths to wear skinny jeans, skirts, dresses, act androgynous to infect the minds of millions

Mislead the children have them looking up to me when im only a puppet and tool to push an agenda to have a whole generation looking like fools

The music industry will have the youth’s life and common sense going up like smoke from guns and drugs

So calmly…and humbly I part this with thee

Written by FAAther Time Neteru



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