The master inhibitor

The great wall that stunts us all

It removes the gene physiologically that prevents us from achieving our true divinity

It is the great shadow that prevents all vision

It’s quicksand to the mind

A black hole to the soul

Oceans 1000’s of feet deep it swallows you whole

Invisible handcuffs and shackles it uses to hold

It’s the immortal that begs life to release its eternal grip

You lost the race because you never started

To caught up in what ifs that your courage departed and left you there

Your fear was too much for courage to bear

Fear in the presence of a lion while holding a gun got you ate alive

It’s clouding your judgment the simple remedy is to open your eyes

Fear created the gravest of all grand larcenies

It stole your heart

It replaced it with doubt

It stole your ambition

It replaced it with second guessing

Preventing you from learning a dire lesson

Fear is not real…a mental illusion

You give it power because u choose to listen

Stop think and look for a second

You are the supreme moderator of all your endeavors

The Capitan of your own team…

Tell me again what’s greater than supreme?

Faather time Neteru

Monday, February 6, 2017