Equalizer sound wave background theme. Colour illustration.Ignorance rides on sound waves like a suffer rides waves
Attaching saddles and ropes it drives
Layers of intellectual nay Sayers attached to every decibel
It’s hard to process thoughts with all this ignorance climbing up earlobes, and banging on ear drums
The echoing booms
The rhythmic concussions of absolute vernacular nothings
Ignorance embedded in sound waves
Cemented like tooth decay
Eroding jaws, tongues, and brains
They think and it causes decay
They speak it into existence and it causes decay
To hear it constantly causes decay
Ignorance rides on sound waves like old westerns in black and white
You become an island to hide from it
Expecting the tranquility and quite of the waters to absorb it
But the water surrounding the brain becomes saturated in it
Becoming impossible to escape it
You become an island to filter it
Spending every waking moment attempting to circumvent the ignorant thoughts of others, so they can’t manifest into sounds is exhausting
Perhaps a task too daunting for one being
Perhaps it’s the job for a completely united community
Like Eyrkah Badu said, “I was born under water with 3 dollars and 6 dimes”
Yeah my ears work just fine…
360 degrees of completion means my ears work just fine
It means I interpret rather than interrupt sound waves all the time
By FAAther Time Neteru…..
aka timethewriter


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